Are You A Creative Salesperson?

Are you a creative salesperson? Have you ever asked yourself this question? As an entrepreneur, you need to have a lot of tools in your toolbox, and keep updating them. That’s just the way it is.

As an online business owner, and Internet Marketer, you constantly need to come up with new ideas and solutions to build momentum for your business, and keep going.

At any point in time, there are three groups in the online marketing community:

  • Those starting a new online business
  • Those dropping out of an online business they started a few months ago
  • Top three percenters

Your goal is to make it to the top three percent, if you are not already there, and be there for the rest of your online business life. In order for you to do this, you need to use your own intuition and creativity, apply your new ideas, and test them. If they work, keep doing them, and if not, replace them with new ideas.

Creativity is the the single one characteristic of all top selling salespeople, and it all depends on your self-concept. You are creative to the degree you believe you are. You will come up with creative solutions to the degree you believe you are creative.

Your creativity is stimulated by focused quality questions, pressing problems, and highly desired goals. The more intensely you desire to accomplish something, the more creative you are. The more specific the question, the more creative you are in answering it.

Creative selling begins with your thorough product knowledge. The better you know your product or service, the better you master the details, and the more creative you are in selling it.

In order to make it to the top three percent, you need to have some strategies in place, and improve them over time.

The rate at which you sell your products or services depends directly on how you present them to your prospective customers. Even if you have the best product or service in the world, you cannot sell them if you do not present them right. By presenting your product, you let your prospects know what you have to offer, and what they can expect to have in exchange for parting with their money. In order for you to be able to do a successful presentation, you need to do a basic analysis.

Your basic analysis begins with three questions:

  • What are the 5-10 most attractive features of your product? Or why should somebody buy your product? Or what is it about your product that makes it worthwhile that somebody should buy it?
  • What needs of your prospective customer do these features satisfy? What benefits does it offer? What is in it for the customer to purchase your product? (Your customers buy based on benefits not features.)
  • Why should they buy from your company?

Also you need to sell strategically. In strategic selling, you begin by identifying your best possible customer market, and concentrating on it single-mindedly.

The mistake that most salespeople make is that they attach the same value to every prospect. One prospect may a hundred times worth the value of another prospect. Try to answer the following questions:

  • Who is exactly your customer? Who buys your product or service right now?
  • Who might be buying it in the future?
  • Who bought it in the past?

Based on these quesions, you can find your best market, and concentrate on it, rather than trying to sell to anybody that comes your way. You need to identify who is the best candidate to buy from you, and then concentrate on them. Thank you for reading.

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Internet Business | Set Your Expectations

You have started an Internet business, and you are not progressing as you expected when you started out.

As in any business venture, it takes a strong foundation and time to build momentum for your Internet business. It is very important to set your expectations, your goals, etc. realistically. While it is possible to have a very successful business in a short amount of time, you need to know that the foundation is where you want to work on very hard and make it reliable enough, so you can build the different levels of your business on it. It happens too often that business owners set very high expectations in the biginning, and face unnecessary discouragement way too early.

Do not try to get ahead of yourself. The Internet Marketing gurus started at the preliminary stages too, and went through all the stages you are going through, and today they are the gurus or the leaders.

It is well worth mentioning that your success is guaranteed if you are doing things according to a system that works, and produces the kind of results you desire to have. When it comes to Internet business, there are millions of business models on the Internet. They are not necessarily good or bad in themselves, and the fact that they exist, implies that they work, at least for those who are getting results through those systems. But the important point here is that you need to find the system that resonates with you, and your core values, while being flexible with your approach at the same time. Being an entrepreneur means that you need be as flexible as your circumstances demand, but remember that you cannot go against your core values.

Not being comfortable with selling is one thing, but not being comfortable selling a particular product or service is another. You need to understand that selling is a skill that you can learn, and get better and better at as you do it more, but you cannot ever be successful in selling something you do not believe in at a very deep level.

Another important point on setting your expectations is that everyone learns at their own pace. You know yourself well, and you know your own comfort zone. You need to constantly keep pushing slightly out of your comfort zone, live there for a while until you get comfortable there, and keep pushing out again. The degree to which you keep pushing out of your cofort zone on a day-to-day basis determines whether your progress is going to be maintained at a steady and sustainable rate, or you are going to wear yourself out, and eventually quit.

Have calculated patience with your business, set your expectations realistically, be savvy, work on your mindset, and you will definitely be successful in your Internet business. Good luck!

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How to Get Your Message Across to Any Personality Type

Here is how you get your message across to any personality type by answering 4 simple questions.

It is based on David Kolb’s work, and it is called Experiential, Experience-based learning. You can read about it online.

This is all based on how we learn:

  • You have a concrete experience.
  • You observe and reflect on that experience.
  • You form abstract concepts based on your thinking about the experience (create pictures in your mind)
  • You test those new concepts you formed.

Let me give you an example.

Imagine you had a near death experience. For example you were driving around a sharp curve, and you almost crashed.

You would probably reflect on your concrete experience, and form images in your mind based on that. You would probably say to yourself, “Wow, that was close! Also you would probably form images of yourself crashed or very badly hurt. And then you might say to yourself, “Maybe, I ought to slow down on that curve..” That’s how we observe and reflect on our experiences.

The next time you drove down that road, you would slow down when you came to that curve. This way we test the new concept we formed.

This is how children and adults learn, and that is why it is very important to be allowed to make mistakes. We cannot learn if we do not make mistakes and learn from them.

There are four different personality types, and each of them learn differently. So in order to get and keep their attention, you need to speak to their style and their values. Here are the four personality types, and this is in order of their attention span, so you have to speak to the ones that have the least attention span followed by those who are more likely to pay attention.

  • Sales–These are the least attentive. They are persuaders and motivators, and about 25% of your audience is made up of them.
  • Scholastics— Scholastics focus on objectives and outcomes. About 18% of your audience is made up of scholastics.
  • Technicals— These are the geeks. They focus of operations and processes. About 25% of your audience is made up of Technicals.
  • Advocates / Marketers— Those are creative, and they focus of opportunities. About 20% of your audience is made up of advocates / marketers.

Each of the groups discussed above have filters for learning, and those are the questions they ask for learning. So your answers to those questions get them to test their concepts, and take action.

Here are the four questions:

  • The Sales people ask, “Why?”
  • The Scholastics ask, “What for?”
  • The Technicals ask, “How?”
  • The Advocates / Marketers ask, “Now, what if?”

Now, let’s say your message is, “Buy my product…”

The Sales category will ask, “Why should I buy your product?”

You should answer this question with benefits. For example, you say, “This product will bring you happiness, make you more attractive, save time, make life easier, save or earn money, etc.”

The Scholastic category will ask, “What purpose should I buy this product for?”

You should answer this question with practical results. For example you say, “This product will accomplish these things for you, or do them better, faster, cheaper, etc.”

The Technical category will ask, “How does this product work?”

You need to answer this question with processes or systems. For example you show them a demonstration, and say, “Here is how this product works and produces results.”

The Advocate / Marketer category will ask, “What if I use this product to….?”

You should answer this question by suggesting how you could use the product in ways other than the obvious. For example you say, “Here is how you can make this camera to shoot videos, and make money.”

Now, you need to cover these points in this order in your message to have the maximum effectiveness:

  • Why you should buy this product, how it will benefit you personally.
  • What this product will do, what it will practically accomplish.
  • How this product does what it does.
  • What or all of the creative things you can do with this product.

That’s it. This how you can get your message across to any personality type by answering the four simple questions. Doing this will enable you to build rapport with your prospects, so the next thing they do is what you want them to do. Thanks for your attention.

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I Believe Something Wonderful Is Going To Happen To Me Today!

I believe something Wonderful is going to happen to me today.

This is a great affirmation, and I’ve been using if for a while now. I keep repeating it to myself every day in the morning, and it does work.

You must have heard it said that you get what you expect. When you expect something to happen to you, it will happen. In this particular case, This wonderful affirmation serves to open your eyes, and lets you see all the wonderful things that do happen to you every day, but you simply don’t see them. Here’s a wonderful video that I can’t stop watching, and reminds me of the same concept every time I watch it. It’s from the movie, “Peaceful Warrior”

We always get a “rock”, but we don’t appreciate it.

Have a wonderful time, and thanks for reading.

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Selling | Desire For Gain | Fear Of Loss

There are primarily two fundamental factors controlling your prospect’s buying decision: desire for gain and fear of loss.

When people want to make a buying decision, they need to decide that they will be better off as a result of buying or using your product or service, than being worse off. And it is up to you to help them make that decision through your presentation.

Selling, desire for gain, and fear of loss are three concepts that are interrelated, and the nature of the relationship between them in every specific case determines whether you are going to make the sale or not.

Desire for gain simply represents the things that we expect to gain as a result of making the buying decision. We all want to be admired, liked, respected, successful, and healthy. We all want prestige, recognition, social status, power, influence, and popularity. We all want comfort security, companionship, knowledge, security, and self-actualization. We all want to feel that we are growing toward our full potential. The more of these we can obtain as a result of buying some product or service, the more likely we will be to make the buying decision.

Fear of loss simply represents the things that we expect to gain as few as as possible as a result of buying some product or service. You can think of those simply as the opposite of the examples given above. For example when we buy something, we want everyone admiring us for what we bought, and we never want anybody telling us that we made a bad decision. We never want to part with our money to gain something that will give us none or only a few of the things that we like.

The relationship between the fear of loss and desire for gain in the case of every specific transaction, and every specific person determines whether or not the person is going to make the buying decision.

When you do a sales presentation, if the person says that, “Let me talk it over to someone.” or, “I’m not sure.”, what they are saying is that, “You have not aroused my desire to own or enjoy the benefits of your product to the point that you have overcome my fear of loss, or making a mistake.” or “You have not given me enough value reasons to cause me to make the buying decision. My fear of loss is still greater than my desire for gain, and it is up to you to put more on that scale to add more to my desire for gain, and to take away from my fear of loss.”

So if you want to make the sale, you should always talk to your prospect in terms of what they want, not in terms of your product. You should analyze the person, and understand what is important to them, and then point out to the characteristics of your product that interest them in particular. Or if you have a good knowledge of your product, you could remind them that it could also be used to fulfill such and such needs that are by the way important to you.

A digital camera is usually used for taking pictures by most people. If you, as a salesperson, were talking to an ordinary consumer, and you want to convince them that they should buy the camera, you could talk about for example, the picture quality, or the number of pictures they could take before they had to recharge the battery, etc. But if you were selling the very same camera to an entrepreneur, those reasons might be interesting to them, but not enough. You could then include the fact that they could use the camera as a video camera as well, shoot videos, upload them to the Internet, and ultimately make money. In any case, the camera does not change, but you need to change your presentation so you can make the sales. In short, you need to discover the reasons that are interesting and important to them, and then structure your presentation around those specific reasons. Moreover you have to make sure that your presentation manages to remind them that desire for gain is dominant over fear of loss so they can easily make the buy decision. Thank you for your attention.

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Psychology of Selling – Why People Buy

Since you are reading this article, I assume either you are in sales, or you are planning to. In any case, read on. There is something for you here.

It is very important to understand why people buy, and make those reasons, which by the may not interest you at all as the salesperson, the point of your presentation.

People buy for their own reasons, not for yours. The mistake that many amateur salespeople make is that they keep asking their prospects to buy from them for their own reasons, and no wonder it does not work most of the time. This is very important especially when it comes to psychology of selling, and why people buy.

When you want to understand why someone would buy your product, you need to go through some process called need analysis. Need analysis is the process you go through to understand what your prospect’s reasons for buying your product or service are, or how they they would benefit from buying your product or service. In order to do that, you need to talk to your prospect long enough to understand their personal reasons, and of course be a very good listener. If you give people a chance to talk, they will definitely tell you what their reasons are, and then you can structure your presentation around their reasons. In fact people love to talk about themselves and what they like. When you as a salesperson listen closely to them, and pay attention to what they have to say, they will see you as a professional, and they conclude that you care for them. And that alone would buy you the sales.

Once you truly understand the psychology of selling, and why people buy, it is very easy to sell anything to any personality type. Selling, more than anything else is all about people’s psychology, and bonding with them on a human level, other than the technology that is available to you for your presentation, or even the nature of your product or service. People can understand when you really care for them, and are honest with them. If you have a good knowledge of your own product, you can easily understand if your prospect is going to benefit from using your product based on your need analysis. If then you tell them the truth to the best of your knowledge, and do not just try to push your product on them, you will own their trust, and that is much more valuable than making a single sale and lose your customer for the rest of your sales life.

It is very important to understand that if you focus of selling, you cannot sell, but if you focus on serving, your customer will thank you by buying your product or service, and you will have made the sale. Thank you for your attention.

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Budget Internet Marketing Plan

If you are an online marketer, and you are on a budget, this plan helps you enormously to have a successful online business if you take action on it. That is what only 3% of marketers achieve. It is easy, but it needs diligence, persistence, perseverance, and determination. If you do not have any of these qualities just now, do not worry. You will add them to your tool kit as you go along, and moreover it is going to be a fascinating journey.

You want to use the free advertising methods as much as you can in the beginning, until you earn some money, and reinvest into paid advertising methods. Moreover if you implement this plan of action, you are going to build an online presence, which will then serve you as a strong foundation upon which you can go on building and improving your online business. Here is what you can do to build your online business, and have an online presence with a budget of $500 or even less.

  • Video Marketing

Sign up with Trafficgeyser. They teach you from scratch how to build you list, educate them, and have them buy your products or services all through video marketing without having to sell anything. There are valuable resources and training in your trafficgeyser back office such as video marketing strategies, keyword research, online marketing in general, and a lot more. They distribute your videos, blog posts, content, and whatever you have to every directory on the Internet, and you will be on top of all search engines in a matter of months.

You could use Youtube and Tube Mogul as free video marketing strategies to brand yourself online. Customizing your Youtube channel is a great way to brand yourself, and show your subscribers/followers who you are as a person, and how you are different from others. You can design your Youtube channel yourself. In order to do that, you can Google “free youtube designs”, and use the free resources on the Internet. Alternatively, you can outsource it all together. You can hire a freelancer from either of the following websites.

  • Social Media

Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace give a great head start, and get your name out there, if you use them the right way. With social media, your goal is to add value to those following you, and educate them, and not pitch them on your business opportunity or service at all. People do not like that, and those who do that.

Betternetworker is also a great website where you can socialize with other marketers, and build relationships.

You can set up a group on Facebook, and put valuable content on there. It takes some time for your group to catch on, and for people to get to know about it, and recommend it to others, but it is definitely worth it. You will be amazed at how rapidly your Facebook group becomes popular if you put value content on there, and serve your members in the best way you can.

There are some automation tools for your social media web sites that will save you a lot of time, but as you know, social media is all about relationships. So though it’s not possible to do everything manually, at least once the number of people on your list grows, but you can always give it a personal touch, and have a personal relationship with those that follow you, subscribe to you, or join you in any ways.

For your Twitter account, you can use Tweepi to follow and unfollow people. Also you can use Tweetdeck to manage your account, automate some tasks, and make things much easier. You can use Socialoomph to schedule you Twitter updates, and make your Tweeting pretty automatic.

Aweber, as you know, is an email automation service and it helps your business in many ways. It is a paid service, but you definitely want to use it

Register yourself with Aweber, and it will cost you $20/month.

Once you do a vidoe, blog post, etc., you should broadcast it to all your lists on Awerber- you do realize that you should broadcast only the kind of content that is relevant to your list- and let them know that you have created new content. Also you want to publish your content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all the other networks that you have.

  • Blogging

If you want to use free blogging services, you can use, and They are both free, and rank so well in Google.

If you want to have your own domain name, host your own blog, and have much more control over your website, you can use Here is how you can get a blog. You can go to Hostgator, buy a domain name, and have it hosted by Hostgator itself. They have great hosting services and plans. Then you can install a WordPress blogging platform on your shared hosting account from inside your website Control Panel in less than 10 minutes, and you are ready to go.

On your blog, you introduce yourself to your audience as a person, not as salesperson. Your blog is all about you as a person, and your goal is to brand yourself, and not your business opportunity on your blog.

Here is what you do on your blog:

Make at least two new posts every week. Your posts should be short, to the point, informative, and well written. Remember that every post should talk to your reader about only one point and then sign off. About structuring the text, you need to break the text down to digestible chunks, paragraph, etc., so your readers want to read through your posts. You need to make every effort to make it as easy as possible for them to read your posts.

Put your affiliate links on your blog, so your visitors can sign up to different services through your links. This way, you will get paid if someone signs up through your.

Along with your Aweber account, you will have an option to make web forms, and place them wherever you want. You want to go to your Aweber account, create a list, make a web form related to that list, and then place it on your blog. Your visitors can then subscribe to your blog- as you can see on the top right hand side of this page- through your form, and then be added to your broadcast list.

  • Articles

Article help you a lot in ranking in search engines, and you can link back to your blog through your articles.

You can start with Ezinearticles, and then publish your articles to more websites as you go along.

Follow this plan for at least two months, and you will definitely be successful. Thank you for your attention.

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