The Art of Living

All throughout the ages we have been inundated with infinite philosophies, doctrines, dogmas, and things there are even no names for. We have trained our minds to be split; something is good, and something is bad. Some person is a good person, and some other person is a bad person. We have crippled ourselves, and we can’t do anything but judge.

The very minute you start watching something, the mind comes along, and according to what it’s been taught, tells us what the quality of the thing is. Whether it’s good or bad, acceptable or unacceptable, right or wrong. We already have so many wrongs and rights that we don’t know what’s wrong and what’s right anymore. It’s just too much.

If you had to listen to your mind for only a few hours, you would be astonished as to how many thoughts were going on in your mind during only a few hours, and to what end?! If some device had to record the thoughts of a single person’s whole lifetime, all the digital memories in the whole world would probably not be able to contain them all, and after all, when we look around, and most importantly at ourselves, we can’t possibly manage to find one single person who is content, happy and blissful. So where are we going?!

The mind is very helpful as a servant, and so dangerous as a master. We need to be aware of this, and make sure it does what it’s supposed to do, and not just boss us around, as  already is the case with most of us all around the world.

It’s a shame that we have forgotten a long time ago what it is to trust, to love, and all such concepts. The mind doesn’t know anything about trust; the heart does. But the heart has been so hushed, that we don’t even hear it anymore. The heart is supposed to be the master. Quite the contrary, it’s not even the servant anymore! That’s strange.

The world we’re creating is no more a place to live peacefully and happily in. And if there is not peace and happiness, then what is?!

Let’s hope for more awareness in the whole world. Unless there is awareness in whatever we do, we can’t hope that tomorrow is going to be better than today. We all need to find ways to be aware of whatever we do, and once we’ve accomplished this, then most of the things we currently do will automatically be stopped, and many forgotten things will be remembered again. Thanks for reading!

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