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The Art of Living

All throughout the ages we have been inundated with infinite philosophies, doctrines, dogmas, and things there are even no names for. We have trained our minds to be split; something is good, and something is bad. Some person is a … Continue reading

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Chakras and the Energy Body

The phrase¬†“Pranic Healing” is chosen based on the concept of Prana or the cosmic energy¬†that exists all around us. In different cultures, this cosmic energy has been referred to in different ways, but all the terms refer to the same … Continue reading

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Meditation on Twin Hearts By Mater Choa Kok Sui

This meditation is an instrument of world service. When you do it, you will increase your own energy level, and you’ll share the energy with the whole world. You will bless the whole world with loving-kindness, forgivenss, understanding, and love. … Continue reading

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