As Beautiful and Natural as a Tree

We all have role models. We all, from our childhood all through adulthood and our old days, maybe as a result of the conditionings of our families, society, etc, try to model ourselves and our lives after some other person.

Most often than not, these role models are not satisfied with what they have, what they do, and most importantly themselves.

The only person that we can “successfully” model after is ourselves. There is no other way, and you will have to bang your head against a brick wall times and again, until you come to understand this simple yet profound truth.

No matter where we are in our lives, and what we do, we are unique in our own ways, and thus we have to live our own uniqueness fully if we want to live happy lives. Frustration and discontentment arise in our lives when we cannot accept who we are, whom we’re with, what we have, and what we’re doing. We model our lives after someone we would like to be, hopefully, sometime down the road in the future, and so forget all about ourselves, the life we were born to live.

Today, with the advancement of science and knowledge in the world, you could change the pattern of even your nervous system, and actually turn it into something like that of someone else’s with the help of NLP in a matter of a very short time, which is something very unnatural and weird!

We no longer live naturally and spontaneously as we are supposed to. We need to have a purpose for everything we do, and now, after thousands of years of moving towards unnaturalness, we also need to have a purpose and reason for getting back to where we were, living naturally.

You see, trees are natural. When it blows, they start swaying, and when it stops blowing, they stand still. They never complain as to why it is blowing or not. They are natural and spontaneous. When it’s blowing a gale, they are flexible enough not to snap, and when they can’t find water easily, they’re wise and persistent enough to send their roots deep down to the ground where water can be found. They know all the rules of existence and gracefully conform to them. They never object to anything or offend anybody. You could never find someone who has sued a tree, but you could find millions of cases that would have been taken to court against us by tress if they could go to court. They never wish they were somewhere else. They are content; they are grateful; they are natural. And they do all this not for any specific reasons at all. Even if nobody lived on earth to watch them, or use the oxygen they provide, they would still be doing what they’ve been doing for millions of years, because it’s in their nature to do so. They have no purpose, no reason at all. They are natural…

And it’s natural to be natural. It’s unnatural to look for a purpose or reason for what we do. Our purpose, out of anything we do, is to feed our egos, to feel good, to feel important, and wanted. But they don’t know what ego is. They are not directed and commanded by their minds and egos, and so they’re happy no matter what, even if they’re not. They already are not, since they don’t have an ego, so nothing on earth can threaten them. They are happy all the time….

We sure are doing great things every single moment, discovering and inventing things, but we are missing on a lot every second too. We are missing the main thing, and trying to pretend we’re happy. I know I speak for the whole humanity when I say that the kind of happiness we’re trying to get is based on nothing, and no wonder we are constantly driving a bumpy road. It’s going to get bumpier as we go along, since this road is going outside ourselves, not inside. They journey is outward.

Sure whatever we’re doing is great, but since we’re doing them unconsciously, without awareness, we’ve lost the gist of our lives. When we get back to where we were, when we become truly natural again, we sure will stop most of what we’re doing, and do the rest of them consciously, with awareness,  and with a newly-found spirit, not experienced by almost any of us from the beginning of history, only maybe by Budhas. Let’s wake up to “LIFE” again!

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