Be Kind for Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle

Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. This was once said by Plato. It is very beautiful and meaningful.

Sometimes life proves to be unfair. Things do not work the way you want them to. No matter how much you try, you have to try even more, and you cannot get things to the way they were.

You have experienced such times in your life one time or another. People get laid off. People lose their loved ones. People have to leave each other, etc.

All these situations represent change in our lives, which by the way in most cases we do not like very much. We want things to stay the same all the time. But that is not the case, and it is only through changing that we can learn and grow.

Some people anticipate change, some embrace it when it arrives, and like it, and some hate it. No matter what your attitude toward change, it is here to stay, so we had better like and enjoy it, otherwise we cannot be happy.

No matter what the change or the nature of it, you will go through a process of transformation, and you will have become the change once the process is over.

It is sometimes too hard to stay on track while you are going through some kind of change, and you need to know how to maintain yourself so you can keep moving forward.

One of the very valuable resources you can use at such times is your friends, family, your contacts, and those who love you.

Sometimes you do not need any material thing; you would not be satisfied even if you were given the whole world. Sometimes you simply need someone to listen to you, to talk to, and to share with them. Sometimes you need someone who listens to you without being any judgemental. And when you need it, nothing in the whole world can be traded for it.

If you want to have people in your life that care for you, you need to care for people first. In other words, you need to pay it forward. You need to be there for those who need you, treat them as you would like to be treated if you were in their shoes, care for them, and really connect with them. People around you are the most valuable resource in your life. You are going to need them all throughout your life.

It is simple to have good and nurturing relationships. Whenever you meet with someone, pretend as if you were meeting with the most important person on the planet, and you are on your way to becoming a relationship wizard.

Thank you for reading. I would appreciate your comments.

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