The Art of Living

All throughout the ages we have been inundated with infinite philosophies, doctrines, dogmas, and things there are even no names for. We have trained our minds to be split; something is good, and something is bad. Some person is a good person, and some other person is a bad person. We have crippled ourselves, and we can’t do anything but judge.

The very minute you start watching something, the mind comes along, and according to what it’s been taught, tells us what the quality of the thing is. Whether it’s good or bad, acceptable or unacceptable, right or wrong. We already have so many wrongs and rights that we don’t know what’s wrong and what’s right anymore. It’s just too much.

If you had to listen to your mind for only a few hours, you would be astonished as to how many thoughts were going on in your mind during only a few hours, and to what end?! If some device had to record the thoughts of a single person’s whole lifetime, all the digital memories in the whole world would probably not be able to contain them all, and after all, when we look around, and most importantly at ourselves, we can’t possibly manage to find one single person who is content, happy and blissful. So where are we going?!

The mind is very helpful as a servant, and so dangerous as a master. We need to be aware of this, and make sure it does what it’s supposed to do, and not just boss us around, as  already is the case with most of us all around the world.

It’s a shame that we have forgotten a long time ago what it is to trust, to love, and all such concepts. The mind doesn’t know anything about trust; the heart does. But the heart has been so hushed, that we don’t even hear it anymore. The heart is supposed to be the master. Quite the contrary, it’s not even the servant anymore! That’s strange.

The world we’re creating is no more a place to live peacefully and happily in. And if there is not peace and happiness, then what is?!

Let’s hope for more awareness in the whole world. Unless there is awareness in whatever we do, we can’t hope that tomorrow is going to be better than today. We all need to find ways to be aware of whatever we do, and once we’ve accomplished this, then most of the things we currently do will automatically be stopped, and many forgotten things will be remembered again. Thanks for reading!

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Chakras and the Energy Body

The phrase “Pranic Healing” is chosen based on the concept of Prana or the cosmic energy that exists all around us. In different cultures, this cosmic energy has been referred to in different ways, but all the terms refer to the same concept. For instance, the same Prana concept has been referred to as “Ki” in the Chinese culture.

Prana or Ki is distributed through our energy bodies through the energy centers all human beings share. These energy centers are called “Chakras”, and those who can see them have told that they look like rotating wheels rotating in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. In one direction they absorb prana, and in the other, they expel used prana that has to be pumped out of the body.

According to Master Choa Kok Sui’s teachings, there are eleven major chakras in the energy body as follows:

  1. The Crown Chakra: This chakra is located on top of the head, and it’s responsible for connecting to the divine enegy.
  2. The Heart Chakras: These two chakra are placed at the back and front of the chest area just near the physical heart. There are actually two heart chakra, the front heart chakra, and the back heart chakra. Each of them has their own uses. For example the front heart chakra is responsible for energizing the physical heart, and the thymus gland. The back heart chakra is mainly responsible for energizing the lungs and the physical heart.
  3. The Solar Plexus Chakras: These two chakras are placed just below the heart chakras. The front one is right where your diaphragm is, and the back one is placed right at the back of the front one. There are again two solar plexus chakras, the front solar plexus chakra, and the back solar plexus chakra. The back solar plexus chakra is mainly responsible for your emotions, and the front solar plexus chakra is a part of the digestive system and controls the movement of the diaphragm. So it controls the person’s breathing pattern.
  4. The Navel Chakra: This chakra is placed on your navel area. It mainly regulates the digestive system, and also it’s responsible for the whole physical body’s strength.
  5. The Meng Mein Chakra: This Chakra is placed right at the back of the navel chakra, and it functions like an energy pump. It pumps the energy from the chakra that is placed right below it, the basic chakra, and distributes the energy to the whole energy body wherever it’s needed.
  6. The Spleen Chakra: This Chakra is placed right to the left of the Meng Mein chakra, and it energizes the physical spleen.
  7. The Basic Chakra: This Chakra is placed at the base of your spine, and it’s responsible for the whole physical body’s strength.
  8. The Sex Chakra: This chakra is placed your sex organ, and it regulates your sexual energy.

There are many more minor chakras corresponding to each major chakra. For example there are two minor chakras on your palms that correspond to the basic chakra. They are designed for the two hands’ physical strength. Also there are two minor armpit chakras, and two elbow minor chakras. There are also two minor chakras at the soles of your feet.

In the meditation on Twin Hearts, you need to know where your palm minor chakras, sole minor chakras, Basic chakra, the heart chakra, and the crown chakras are, which have been explained above. In case you don’t know what the Meditation on Twin Hearts is, I have done another blog post on it, a link to which I’ll provide here.

Meditation on Twin Hearts

Doing the meditation will tremendously fill you with peace and tranquility, and your energy body will be refined to a great extent. It’s important to know that being a vegetarian, consuming as less of alcoholic drinks as possible, and preferably being a non-smoker will help you tremendously to refine your energy body, and increasing the effects of the meditation on your body. The whole things will tremendously help your spiritual discipline, your Sadhana.

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Meditation on Twin Hearts By Mater Choa Kok Sui

This meditation is an instrument of world service. When you do it, you will increase your own energy level, and you’ll share the energy with the whole world. You will bless the whole world with loving-kindness, forgivenss, understanding, and love. In the process, you will be many times more blissful and peaceful. Many wonderful things will happen to you and your life, since you’ll be filled with a lot of positive energy, and that will become your point of attraction.

Although this meditation technique is devised by master Choa Kok Sui, who was the founder of Pranic healing, it can be practiced by anyone, even if they have not taken any Pranic healing courses.

You might be thinking, “What is Pranic healing?” Well, in order for you to understand it, so you can understand what you would be doing during the meditation, you need to understand a few concepts first.

Pranic healing is a branch of science that is specialized to work on the energy body of any living being. You might be surprised to know that you have six energy bodies apart from the one physical body that you can touch and sense. Right now, you might be indentifying yourself with the one physical body you can see and touch. This physical body is nothing but a manifestation of your second energy body, which you can see with your eyes. If you train your eyes through certain kinds of meditation, you will be able to see the energy bodies as well, but right now, most of us are unable to see them, and that’s why most people deny the presence of the energy bodies, and the whole concept of spirituality.

Your second body, which is in the form of energy, is like a mold for your physical body, and the energy body supports your physical body in every way. In fact if you didn’t have that second energy body, your physical body would not exist at all.

Pranic healing works on the second energy body, and fixes the problems in the second body, and so the first body -the physical body- follows the change. Since the change has been healing in the second energy body, the physical body too follows the change, namely the healing.

You might know the fact that our bodies can heal themselves. You injure some part of your body, and it heals itself after a few days. The same thing happens when you have a major disease, like some heart problem or kidney problem. The only thing is that you don’t actually believe that that kind of thing could happen without consulting a doctor, so it happens most of the time that since that’s your belief, you consult a doctor, and once you take the medicine, the healing process starts, since you did not allow it to work for you in the first place. If you did, you would not need to consult any doctors no matter what the complication. Of course, this, in no way, means that standard medicine does nothing; it actually helps the healing process to a great deal, but the main job is done by the energy body and the body’s self healing system.

The energy bodies extend from your physical body, and they’re called the auras around the body. If you train your hands, you can feel and sense the auras around your body, or anybody else’s body for that matter. You could even see the auras if you know how, but that’s another matter all together. When you do the meditation on twin hearts, you will be working on your auras, and you will be working on every major organ of your body. Every cell of your body will be cleansed in every way, energy-wise.

Pranic healing courses by Master Choa Kok Sui must be available in your area no matter where your live in the world. Of course some countries are too strict about their religion, and if something goes even slightly against their religion, they abandon the whole idea. These course are so prevalent mostly in India, Europe, and the Americas.

I have uploaded four audio file for the meditation, so you can listen to them online while you’re doing the meditation.

Listen to Meditation on Twin Hearts here….

There is no fixed body posture for this meditation. Just sit in/on a chair comfortably, and do the meditation as taught according to the audio file. It’s very important to note that, you mind should be where it is supposed to be while you’re doing the meditation. You’ll see the benefits for yourself once you’ve done it for a few times and have learned it well.

Please distribute this blog post so more and more people know about it. This way, we could all act as one in making the earth, and the whole world a much better place. Thank you.

Happy meditating!

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As Beautiful and Natural as a Tree

We all have role models. We all, from our childhood all through adulthood and our old days, maybe as a result of the conditionings of our families, society, etc, try to model ourselves and our lives after some other person.

Most often than not, these role models are not satisfied with what they have, what they do, and most importantly themselves.

The only person that we can “successfully” model after is ourselves. There is no other way, and you will have to bang your head against a brick wall times and again, until you come to understand this simple yet profound truth.

No matter where we are in our lives, and what we do, we are unique in our own ways, and thus we have to live our own uniqueness fully if we want to live happy lives. Frustration and discontentment arise in our lives when we cannot accept who we are, whom we’re with, what we have, and what we’re doing. We model our lives after someone we would like to be, hopefully, sometime down the road in the future, and so forget all about ourselves, the life we were born to live.

Today, with the advancement of science and knowledge in the world, you could change the pattern of even your nervous system, and actually turn it into something like that of someone else’s with the help of NLP in a matter of a very short time, which is something very unnatural and weird!

We no longer live naturally and spontaneously as we are supposed to. We need to have a purpose for everything we do, and now, after thousands of years of moving towards unnaturalness, we also need to have a purpose and reason for getting back to where we were, living naturally.

You see, trees are natural. When it blows, they start swaying, and when it stops blowing, they stand still. They never complain as to why it is blowing or not. They are natural and spontaneous. When it’s blowing a gale, they are flexible enough not to snap, and when they can’t find water easily, they’re wise and persistent enough to send their roots deep down to the ground where water can be found. They know all the rules of existence and gracefully conform to them. They never object to anything or offend anybody. You could never find someone who has sued a tree, but you could find millions of cases that would have been taken to court against us by tress if they could go to court. They never wish they were somewhere else. They are content; they are grateful; they are natural. And they do all this not for any specific reasons at all. Even if nobody lived on earth to watch them, or use the oxygen they provide, they would still be doing what they’ve been doing for millions of years, because it’s in their nature to do so. They have no purpose, no reason at all. They are natural…

And it’s natural to be natural. It’s unnatural to look for a purpose or reason for what we do. Our purpose, out of anything we do, is to feed our egos, to feel good, to feel important, and wanted. But they don’t know what ego is. They are not directed and commanded by their minds and egos, and so they’re happy no matter what, even if they’re not. They already are not, since they don’t have an ego, so nothing on earth can threaten them. They are happy all the time….

We sure are doing great things every single moment, discovering and inventing things, but we are missing on a lot every second too. We are missing the main thing, and trying to pretend we’re happy. I know I speak for the whole humanity when I say that the kind of happiness we’re trying to get is based on nothing, and no wonder we are constantly driving a bumpy road. It’s going to get bumpier as we go along, since this road is going outside ourselves, not inside. They journey is outward.

Sure whatever we’re doing is great, but since we’re doing them unconsciously, without awareness, we’ve lost the gist of our lives. When we get back to where we were, when we become truly natural again, we sure will stop most of what we’re doing, and do the rest of them consciously, with awareness,  and with a newly-found spirit, not experienced by almost any of us from the beginning of history, only maybe by Budhas. Let’s wake up to “LIFE” again!

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There is No One But YOU Here

This post has been chosen from a part of the book, “In Search Of The Miraculous” by Osho. I hope you like it.

“There is a Sufi Story….

A dog lost his way in a palace. The walls and the ceiling of this palace were made of mirrors, so the dog was in a great difficulty. Wherever he looked, there were dogs, dogs and only dogs. He became very puzzled; so many dogs all around! He was alone and yet surrounded by so many dogs. There was no way to get out, because the doors were also of mirrors, so he saw dogs there too. Then he began to bark, but all the dogs in the mirrors began to bark with him. And when his bark began to fill the room he was sure his fears were not unfounded and that his life was in danger. He went on barking and all the dogs barked even louder. He ran here and there to fight them; the dogs in the mirrors did likewise. All night he exhausted himself barking and fighting the dogs in the mirrors, although he was alone there.

In the morning he was found dead inside the palace by the guards. The dog died running, barking and fighting with the reflections, although he was alone there. When he died all noise subsided; the mirrors became silent.

There are many mirrors, and when we see the other it is our own reflection in different mirrors; therefore the other is a fallacy. The notion that we are helping the other is an illusion, and the notion that we are receiving help from the other is also an illusion. Actually, the other, as such, is an illusion.

Once this is realized life becomes simple. Then neither do you do anything for he other, taking him as the other, nor do you let the other do something for you, feeling him as the other. Then it is you yourself extended at both ends. Then if you give a helping hand to someone on the road you will have helped your own self. If someone else has given you a helping hand, then he too has helped himself. But this comes within our understanding only after the ultimate experience. Before that the other is definitely the other. “

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Be Kind for Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle

Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. This was once said by Plato. It is very beautiful and meaningful.

Sometimes life proves to be unfair. Things do not work the way you want them to. No matter how much you try, you have to try even more, and you cannot get things to the way they were.

You have experienced such times in your life one time or another. People get laid off. People lose their loved ones. People have to leave each other, etc.

All these situations represent change in our lives, which by the way in most cases we do not like very much. We want things to stay the same all the time. But that is not the case, and it is only through changing that we can learn and grow.

Some people anticipate change, some embrace it when it arrives, and like it, and some hate it. No matter what your attitude toward change, it is here to stay, so we had better like and enjoy it, otherwise we cannot be happy.

No matter what the change or the nature of it, you will go through a process of transformation, and you will have become the change once the process is over.

It is sometimes too hard to stay on track while you are going through some kind of change, and you need to know how to maintain yourself so you can keep moving forward.

One of the very valuable resources you can use at such times is your friends, family, your contacts, and those who love you.

Sometimes you do not need any material thing; you would not be satisfied even if you were given the whole world. Sometimes you simply need someone to listen to you, to talk to, and to share with them. Sometimes you need someone who listens to you without being any judgemental. And when you need it, nothing in the whole world can be traded for it.

If you want to have people in your life that care for you, you need to care for people first. In other words, you need to pay it forward. You need to be there for those who need you, treat them as you would like to be treated if you were in their shoes, care for them, and really connect with them. People around you are the most valuable resource in your life. You are going to need them all throughout your life.

It is simple to have good and nurturing relationships. Whenever you meet with someone, pretend as if you were meeting with the most important person on the planet, and you are on your way to becoming a relationship wizard.

Thank you for reading. I would appreciate your comments.

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All The Answers Are Already Within You

We all face problems in our lives that paralyze us one time or another, but all the answers are already within us. You can find them on cue if you believe they are there, and will not see them, if you believe not so.

When you have a problem, you must face it early on, or it grows in size and importance, and creeps into other areas of your life sooner or later. For example, if you have financial problems, you can start early in life, read books, take courses, join communities, or do whatever you can do to permanently solve the problem. If you put it off, as time goes by, it gets much more complicated, and much more difficult to tackle.

It is important to note that we have our own share of problems for each time period of our lives, and each must be dealt with on time. If not, they will be carried forward to the next stage of your life, and before you know it, you will have a pile of problems, and not much time to work with.

It is also important to note that problems are the best tools for us to learn and grow, and if you are looking for one, there is a seed of an opportunity in every problem that you face in your life.

All the answers you ever need all throughout your life, are already within you, no matter how complicated the situation. The only thing you need to know is how to go about solving your problems. you need to start gathering information from the inside, rather than relying on the outside sources.

You might not have the solutions to someone else’s problems, but you definitely have the solutions to your own problems since they are your problems. You just need to keep looking for them, and trust the intuitive little voice inside you, although in many cases it seems to be totally irrelevant.

It is interesting to know that no matter where you are in your life, you are a perfect human being with all you ever need, integrated within you. Your whole life purpose is to realize this as a result of finding your own perfectness over time. It takes time, not because it has to, but because you think it has to. It is not about developing the skills you want to have or need to have; it is all about realizing the fact that you already have them all. You have heard it said that you cannot teach anybody something they know nothing about; you just remind them of what they already know. Patience, as you might already know, is your best friend in this process.

There is always something between you and whatever you want to have in your life, and it is always you coming in the way. Let the natural flow of life flow within you, and you will be a perfect manifestation of all you can be, or want to be in no time at all. All the answers are already within you.

Thank you for your attention.

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